Sunday, June 07, 2009

Halfway home

I've been working hard this morning, trying to meet some of these deadlines for June. It hasn't been hard, just frustrating because I'm not interested whatsoever in the topics I'm writing about. But pushing to surpass the deadline this week has put really far behind on the stuff I want to write about, like my travel articles and even as many blog posts as I wanted to do. I'm still working on the plans for better blogs posts here and at my other blog, Book Review Bin. But BRB is struggling because I have absolutely no time or desire to read books.

I did, however, manage to escape yesterday and spent the afternoon with a friend. It wasn't anything special, but I felt a lot better and more focused once I got back and started writing again. There's something to say for a refreshed perspective on life.

As long as I can get through this week, spend time with the family this weekend, and then cleanup the rest of the article commitments the week after that, it'll be smooth sailing (and a very light writing schedule) for the last week and a half of June. Then again, free time is really another way of saying time to pack up and clean this apartment.

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