Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some big questions to ask myself

Instead of wallowing in my free time, I have been using it to finally set up a website for my freelancing services, general writing news, links to my blogs, etc. It's going to be through Google Sites because I just don't have the money to front for my own domain/web host yet. But there are still so many questions I have because I want to do this right. It's for my business, after all. Some of my questions include:

* Do I have to register a business name if I want to use something other than my legal name?

* Should I advertise prices or make customers query every project?

* Is there a way to add html/javascript (easily) apps to these types of sites?

And I know I'll have many more questions as I get further into this process. Also, through all of this I need to keep up writing, working and find a better job to replace the last one (yep, I'm still procrastinating about that one).

That's why I spent the day yesterday finishing up the revisions on 277 Miles. These are finally out of the way so I can leave that project for awhile to get a fresh perspective later. This will also leave a little time for my poetry book. But, I still can't find the time to write any new work.

That's where a lifesaver is coming in: Yahoo Calendar. I have used this service off an on for years, but never really got the hang of checking it on a daily basis to make sure that I stick to my schedule. Now it will be pulled up every morning so I can better manage my time. This will keep me from those mid-morning podcast breaks and mid-afternoon Twitter checks.

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