Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Still deciding

When the new submission cycle comes around, I always have so many decisions to make. First, what journals should I submit to? I don't subscribe to many of them, and that may be a contributing factor to some of the rejection letters in the past.

The second decision is whether to send a particular publication a poem or a short story. This all depends on what the journal is best known for providing and how much confidence I have in a particular piece.

Then there is the issue of revising. Writers are never satisfied with their work. Those who are just may be a fool. After something is rejected, I have to consider whether to revise part or all of it before I send it out again. Advice I received in the past is not revise and just send it out until you get a bite. Then again, how many rejections should you take before you realize that the story is just not up to par in the world of profession writing? The most rejections I have for a single piece is 3, so I'm definitely not questioning the integrity of the writing just yet.

I'm still trying to make up my mind on all of these things. Since work is slow, I have plenty of time to consider my options. But for this cycle, I'm going to try and send out as much as I can. I have so many ideas that I want to explore, but I don't feel right working on them until something else gets taken for publishing. Crazy? Maybe.

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