Thursday, September 10, 2009

Through the eyes of my laptop

Oh, it's going to be another long workday. My processor is just a few months old now, and my motherboard couldn't be more proud. But I have a tough gig, and laptops are not subject to child labor laws.

But I have experience difficulties since day one. When Firefox just wouldn't stop hiccuping, I was blamed. I couldn't control this program; I was at a loss. Now I look like I'm on life support with nearly every USB port connected to some type of performance “enhancement.” I help control a wireless mouse. It's cute, but isn't my touchpad enough for you? Then there's the portable hard drive. I know I'm small, but did you have to go and get more memory? And please—my battery is the one thing I know that will give you the satisfaction you want, yet you insist on leaving me plugged into the wall.

To bad I wasn't an HP. Then you would love me. Everyone can take advantage of a $30 stackable site-wide coupon until 10/31 (or while supplies last; restrictions and exclusions apply). So why don't you just go and buy a new HP and give me to a good home. One that doesn't need high performance.

Your laptop


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