Monday, October 05, 2009

Time to Play Aion

If you enjoy playing games online, there is a brand new one to check out. The game is called Aion. At first I was not into online games, but since I started playing Ikariam and some other MMO games, it has opened up a new world to me. The great part about Aion is that you can get fully immersed into this other world and always find something new each time you play.

In the world of Aion, it is your responsibility to bring salvation to the world by traveling across Atreia to help fight the ancient Balaur, enemy of all people on the planet of Atreia. You can fight in different classes of characters such as warriors, scouts, and priets. It all depends on you and your allies to get the job done. And with a great game interface, the whole game is easy to use and quick to catch on. Soon you'll be battling for the freedom of all on Atreia.

Need help getting started? You can check out the aion forum to connect with other players, learn the ropes, and get helpful advice for all aspects of the game.

Hope to see you there!


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