Thursday, December 31, 2009

List of resolutions for 2010

Here we go, another year gone by. What have you accomplished? I've managed to work on multiple freelancing projects, live solely on my own paycheck for the first time, and realize my potential. Now the annual deadline approached where we all re-prioritize our lives and work towards a better future. I'm not different. I have decided that three New Year's resolutions is more than enough to handle, and I'm going to work hard to achieve these goals for longer than the first two weeks of January.

1. Take some time every day to write. Weird, right? I'm a writer -- I technically write every day, but with this resolution, the writing I am talking about is poetry, fiction, and other projects that I have been neglecting in order to earn a paycheck. Each day in 2010, I will set aside one hour to work on these projects, one at a time, until they are finally complete. I'm not going to make any excuses this year.

2. Drop two sizes.
This is the typical "lose weight" resolution, but I would prefer think of it in terms of my clothes fitting me better than in pounds of fat. If I drop two sizes, I will achieve a rare goal -- a size I've never been before. I've been smaller, and I'm bigger, but this magic number was mysteriously skipped. I would like to visit it to see how it feels.

3. Have a life. When you work from home, it's hard to break away from your routine. At traditional jobs, you can hang out with coworkers at lunch, after work, etc. to spice up your life. My coworkers are usually nameless, faceless people I never get to really know. Working from home is no excuse to hide myself away from the world. I am going to try and do whatever I can to make more friends and have the opportunity to have some fun. (A little drama would be great too, as long as it's not mine ;). )

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