Monday, December 28, 2009

Such is this time of year

I'm getting tired easily these days. After taking about 26 hours off for various Christmas activities, I feel like I'm dragging when I sit down to write. I get my work done in a reasonable time, but each second seems like it has been an hour or more.

Christmas was great. My nephews had a great time opening their presents (well, the one who stayed awake did) and no one really got on each other's nerves. And, it was the first Christmas my parents didn't have to host, so they absolutely loved that. I'm just hoping my turn doesn't come too soon. I don't really like having to throw plans together. I'm so used to everyone else telling me where to show up and when. I'm spoiled!

I'm also getting into my goals for the new year. The writing goals are obviously more important than anything else, but I also have a few personal goals that I want to take care of. I am going to include the cliche resolution of losing weight in the coming year. I will probably measure in inches rather than pounds because my goal is to fit into a certain size, not drop pounds. But I'll write all about that at the end of the week.

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