Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Busy Week Ahead

I have a pretty busy week for myself. Tonight I'm taking the Jeopardy! eligibility test. And besides my daily work, I really have to buckle down and finish the last three poems in Personas. I finally secured my illustrator and she's hard at work on the rest of the content. At least I don't have to worry about plans for Valentine's Day!

I actually avoid any talk of Valentine's Day because it brings up the usual feelings of rejection and bloating from all the candy. But I also know how great it is to receive these gifts of affection. Flowers are typically the best, unless your loved one is allergic. I've been keeping my eye out for Flower coupons just in case I fall in love in the next couple of weeks. And ladies—don't let them fool you—guys appreciate gifts too, even if flowers are usually thought of as a feminine gift (just don't send them to his workplace!).
I actually love to use florists to find my house plants. I've purchased some before, and I plan to get some bamboo as soon as I find a place to put it.

If you do have a Valentine this year, remember that quality time is more precious than anything you can find in store. Now—back to work! Poetry should be easy thinking about love and rejection.

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