Friday, January 22, 2010

Researching Business Topics

Because of my past freelancing jobs, I have a huge backlog of business to business articles that I write. I really enjoy researching and writing some of these articles. Lately I have been looking into LLC corporations, S-corps, and those that need some type of Nevada resident agent --or agents in any particular state. At one point, I thought that I needed to have all of this stuff for my business—but it takes a lot of time and effort to register a business for liability and trademark issues. Since I'm a sole proprietorship (according to my lengthy tax documents each year), I don't necessarily need to register as an LLC or any other type of business. But I truly applaud those that do! They must be very dedicated to their business to register it, even when they hire an agent to take care of most of the work for them.

I have also been looking into other topics besides business. Early in my freelancing career, I wrote a lot of travel articles. I really want to work these back into my portfolio. Still have my Indianapolis tourist guides to finish. There are so many great attractions that I want to write about them all, but there's not enough time in the day, unfortunately.

So, to turn the attention off of me. What has everyone else been writing about lately?


Anonymity said...

Well first off I would like to say that I enjoy viewing into the psyche of a writer. I wish I could write professional, but alas, I have about as much compositional dexterity as I do dashing good looks (don't tell anyone, but I'm kinda ugly).

Anyway, I have basically been blogging,if you call that writing, to puke out all this crap cluttering up my thoughts.

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