Monday, February 08, 2010

Still Alive

When I get down in the dumps about my career or about writing in general, I usually tell myself and those in the immediate vicinity "At least I'm still alive." That usually generates a few nods, maybe a chuckle. It's important to find a bright spot even when all the dark shadows are closing in on you. I've had that happen to me a few times in this past week.

Work isn't going so well. And because of the precarious position I am in, that's all I will say about that. A major side effect of this current storm is that I have lost a lot of time that I normally devote to fiction, poetry and my general articles for online publishing. Once I get back on track with my main source of income, theses will all fall back into place. I just have to be patient and positive.

Tonight I plan to work on the last three poems I have left to write for Personas. I'm expecting the book (at least my part of it) to be done by the spring. I may need to find a little more inspiration for these poems though -- they are at this point simply titles with an idea or two written underneath or in one instance, just a topic.

Tomorrow I should have an abundance of pictures to post with all of the snow expected to come in to Indiana over the next couple days. The first round I failed to get out there before the neighborhood kids trampled and whizzed over the yard on snowmobiles. Most of those will be digital, but I'm also in the honeymoon phase with my Diana Mini, so once I get that roll developed and scanned, we'll see how those turned out (if at all!).

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