Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Been Awhile

Life got in the way. I'm in such a place right now where work is life, but it shouldn't be. There are so many more important things than bringing home a paycheck. Although, I do realize that I cannot afford to have quality time with those I love and fun little adventures without that paycheck.

Writing--what's that again? I haven't worked on anything in awhile. I really want to, but when your inspiration is lost, it's lost. I watched Thanksgiving on Walton's Mountain the other day, and John Boy was going through the exact same thing I was. The inspiration is gone, but only I can figure out if I'll ever get it back. The only problem is, he had somewhere to go to recapture it. I'm not sure where that is for me. I can venture a guess, but I'm pretty sure I can't scrape together the money for the plane/train ticket just yet.

Until then, I'll just have to focus on something mundane like my work to get through it all.

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