Monday, May 31, 2010

Early Start on the Holidays

This morning I was surfing the Internet while I was waiting for work (not always a good thing!). I don't know how I got on the idea to look up stuff about Christmas already, but once I started looking through photo Christmas cards, I was hooked! I can't remember the last time that I got a really good Christmas card – or gave one, for that matter. Since the introduction of email to practically everyone I know, people think that they can leave a short “Merry Xmas!” on my Facebook page and that's it. But with photo cards for Christmas, I get to see what my friends look like, how big their families are getting, and maybe even a cute snapshot of their pets.

This year I want to send out holiday photo cards, both online and through the mail. Even though I do not have a family of my own or even a pet to brag about, I am sure that someone in my extended family has not viewed a photograph of me since my high school days. Those days are quickly fading into the background! It will be a nice change of pace and maybe the trend will catch on.

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