Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Business Side of Writing: Branding, Part 2

Focus on Your Audience

It is one thing for a writer to have a brand. You've planned every detail about what you want to put out as your image and how you want to deliver it to your audience. But have you really put in the effort to understand your audience? Many writers begin a writing career not for others, but for themselves. And unless you can find thousands of people who think exactly like you, your branding efforts could fail unless you consider the diversity of your audience.

The best way to accommodate your audience is to work them into your brand before you even put it out to the public. While not every writer will have time to do market research to figure out their target audience, they can get a small sample feedback from their blog and other social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. This will help you determine what message your brand will send out to those diehard fans as well as the general public who may know nothing about you and your work.

Having a brand that meets the needs of a larger audience from the beginning can help spread the word of a writer's work before a large amount of effort is put in to advertising.

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