Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Business Side of Writing: Branding, Part 4

Help Shape Your Word-of-Mouth Reputation

Writers know how to say things without really saying them. They can use metaphors to make the common seem spectacular. What a writer can't always do is control the messages being sent out about their brand. They can try with marketing techniques, but even the best branding strategies cannot control what is being said through word-of-mouth communication. And with the introduction of social media into all personal and business communications online, it is getting tougher to shape any brand's reputation.

You will also need to remember that social media sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter can also be your best chance when it comes to molding your brand. Being active with fans on these sites can broaden your outlook on your brand. Knowing what your followers are saying about you can help you fix any problems they may have spotted, address any issues that fans feel uncomfortable with and also have the ability to give you diehard fans something extra for following you and spreading the word about your brand. It will not only show that you care about them, but that you are constantly striving to do your best in order to meet your own goals as well as theirs.

What you will not want to do is get discouraged if you find that there are some negative comments about you and your work out there. You cannot choose for your readers (and potential readers) what opinions they should read, but you can easily use social media and traditional media to address any looming negative images being associated with your brand.

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