Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Great Health & Wellness Products

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

We all know how important it is to be healthy. And what better way to stay healthy than to know the right products to use for our specific needs? I know that when it comes to shopping for some of these products, I tend to choose Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products because of the price and quality of the product. You can't beat the prices, and the quality of each and every Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products equals other national brands on the market.

I know that one specific product I keep around is my Walgreens Extra Strength Pain Reliever. My job entails a lot of sitting at the computer each day and a lot of stressful deadlines to meet. Sometimes tension headaches creep up and this is the product to take care of my immediate needs. It works every time and makes the money I save worth it to choose this specific brand.


Another great reason to choose Walgreens for your health and wellness needs is that for every purchase of a Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Product, the Walgreens Way to Well Fund™ provides support in bringing local communities the preventive wellness services they need. Walgreens will contribute up to $3 million annually to the fund. This money is used to provide preventive health tests, health education, and vouchers for select stores. Every purchase does make a difference.


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