Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A Plan is in Place. Finally!

Over the weekend I finally worked out all of my professional woes. While I feel I'm a little too old and removed from the internship scene, I actually found one or two internships that will NOT require me to go back to school. They aren't in journalism though. These internship possibilities are in book publishing, which I happen to love just as much as journalism. And like journalism, I am missing some requirements to get the entry level positions, but at least there's more of an opportunity to learn through internships.

Problems? I am nervous about my resume. I'm terrified I will write a poor cover letter. Most of the internships I'm interested in are in NYC (mostly this is a perk, but there's still apprehension there). The stress of a possible interview in the middle of blizzard season. I'm not sure what to do about all those life things I have to take care of (i.e. if I take a summer internship, should I renew my apartment lease? I know I'm never going to want to leave once I get there). But you know what? Even with all of these worries, the prospect of a paid internship in NYC is just about the most excited thing I have had to think about in a good long while.

Starting today, I have 120 days to get my act together. A sparkling resume! A flawless cover letter! The determination of something bigger and greater for myself. And seriously, a chance to see the city I have always dreamed about.

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