Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Giving It All I Got: Daily Word Challenge

I'm adding a daily writing goal to my life. I've spent too much time and effort trying to think of excuses why I shouldn't write everyday--most of those have to do with bad moods, writing for work, and just because I don't hold myself accountable. Well, that ends tomorrow. Starting on March 1st, I'm joining the 500 Words A Day Challenge.

(You can find out more info about this challenge at Inkygirl)

For me, this 500 word daily goal will NOT include journal entries, revisions, writing for work or blog posts. This is to ensure that I am spending this time on short stories, novels and poetry. I'm really making en effort to get more of this work done and out into the world.

As for work related writing, here are the new articles I've written since Monday:

5 Steps for Buying Car Insurance
Guide to the Social Security Death Index

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