Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Itching for Adventure (again)

After living in my parents basement for the past three weeks, I'm really looking to do something exciting, adventurous, and far away from here. I know that money is tight and this transition period between projects has gone on about three months longer than expected, but I need to bust out. I've tried looking for jobs ("real jobs" as the family puts it) outside of my immediate living area, but it's the whole chicken-egg debate: get the job first or move first? I've tried both options in the past, and both times it didn't work.

Instead of whining how I'm stuck, instead I'll just tell you I'm determined. Determined to break free (because the family is extreme enablers when it comes to my social isolation), determined to get my life back together (not that it ever was together), and determined to be successful at something. Anything. It could happen. :)

New Articles:
Tips for Hiring and Utilizing Interns

And a slight problem with the Poetic Confessions submissions... I haven't received any! If you were thinking about submitting one, please get those in. Otherwise you'll have to deal with my sorry confessions all month long.


Avery Smithkin said...

Given the choices of either finding a job first or deciding where to move first, I'd find the job. That way you can check out the location and determine which areas would make for a viable commute. Nothing worse than finding a place to live and having to torture yourself with the drive or bus ride from hell each day. Plus, you might be able to save up some money while looking.

Also, with your permission, I can post a link on my blog to your "Poetic Confessions" page. That way, my millions of readers can find their way to your post. OK, so maybe it's more like a couple of folks from Poughkeepsie than millions of readers, but it might help. I'm still looking for something for you myself. I really think most of that kind of stuff ended up as starter material for the fireplace...


Terri said...

Sure, you can post a link on your blog. Thanks!!

Avery Smithkin said...

OK, here's a link to your link!

If you see anything that needs changed or corrected, just let me know!

Anonymous said...

Due to the fact i adore your posts i thought i would show my appreciation by making a comment. Thanks alot for the good times you give :)