Monday, March 19, 2012


I must be paranoid about snooping. My family doesn't snoop on me, but as I look at my to-do list for this week, it all seems to be written in some strange code. It's like I don't really want anyone to know that I scheduled a block of time to write this blog post or that I want to write a certain amount of articles for the day. I know I've had snoopers in the past (an apology to anyone who's told me a secret since I started keeping a diary at the age of 11--I'm pretty sure someone knows your secret by now). I guess I'm just too private sometimes. Maybe I've just discovered why I can't get to the final stages of publishing. Letting people read your work is a hard thing to do. I just have to learn to let go. Okay... enough public self-analysis.

New Articles:
Your Invitation (movie review of Invitation starring Van Johnson and Dorothy McGuire)
On the Frontlines of Business Technology

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