Monday, June 04, 2012

Battles Scars in the Writing World

I have a few new battle scars to add to my career. I received a few rejection letters this week (even two on the same day!), but don't worry -- I'm not letting it get me. Why? It took about 20 rejections per each acceptance I've had over my career. I only received 3 "not for us" letters last week. I have plenty more wiggle room before it starts to worry me. So today I'm spending a little time to pick up my work, dust it off and send it right back out.

The only part of this whole experience that is strange is that I receive rejections much quicker now. When I first started, it took two months or more (even with online submissions). Now it takes less than two weeks. I guess I should be glad. It's better than sitting around for six months waiting to send it out somewhere else if it's not accepted.

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Avery Smithkin said...

The reviewers must have been working overtime last week. I received 2 rejections myself (short poems).

If your statistical analysis also holds true from me, I only have to submit 18 more times...

Have you ever received a rejection, then read what was accepted, and wonder why they picked that piece instead?

Terri said...

Yes! I have. It's strange... you do what they tell you to, study what they've published before and you write something that you think fits. Then, what they accept seems to be the exact opposite or just completely not up to (at least what I thought) was their standards. Happens all the time. :)

Harry said...

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