Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Tough Writing Gigs

Writing for a living is a tough gig -- I don't think I will get any arguments with that. And like all other professions, there are just some things that annoy the working writer to no end. I happened to run into some of my biggest annoyances all at once this week. Anyone who has written online for money can probably relate. So here's just a taste of the long list of things that annoy my professional self:

Purposely adding grammatical errors: If you want something written by a professional, why do you insist that I maintain a certain amount of grammatical errors? Working too much on this type of work can get writers into bad habits they have a hard time breaking.

Writing About... Shady Topics: I get it. You want to sell your products online and make a profit just like anyone else. When that product is illegal or misleading, it's another issue entirely. When I see a legal notice blocking your website, I'm just going to back away and say, "No, thank you."

Tell me my work isn't good -- then not telling me why: Did I misuse a colon? Was it a misspelling of your company's name? Do you just not like me and/or my writing style? If you don't tell me what I did wrong, I can't improve your article and my writing skills.

I try not to whine, but I'm putting these annoyances out there so that maybe I can reverse some type of Internet writing karma. Better instructions and better communication between client and writers can make us all work harder and more efficiently.

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