Monday, July 16, 2012

Mounting Online Frustrations

Friday I found out that Yahoo Contributor Network (YCN -- formerly Associated Content) risked my entire online security. All of this happened because they kept old Associated Content files that ended up getting hacked. First of all, if these files were old, maybe you should get rid of them? At first, everyone was told that most of the account information was for old accounts no longer active. Then, late Friday night I get the message that I was personally affected by this issue. Yeah, like I didn't already know. All Friday I had to deal with changing passwords on email and social media accounts not because I'm paranoid, but because I had a ton of failed login attempts and was required to change them. It was frustrating, but YCN isn't all to blame. I mean, if all of the login attempts FAILED, obviously the hackers did not have the right password. Why shouldn't I get a choice to change it instead of being forced to?

Well, that was my venting for the week. I used it all up on a Monday morning. Now I need to focus on more of the positive aspects of life... if there are any. I've been told they exist. 

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