Monday, November 19, 2012


I have probably let distractions get the best of me over the past week. I did get the car back, working like new again but spent the equivalent of two new smartphones to have it all done. I decided not to give up on Nanowrimo like I wanted to last week, but as far as actually writing more, it's been tough. The worst part about it is that I'm not suffering from any sort of writer's block--every time I sit down to write, there are plenty of ideas sitting at my fingertips to take the story to the next level. It's getting my butt in the chair that is the hard part.

I'm also distracted by all the news. I have said before that I'm a certified news junkie, and it's true. I've been that way since I was 12 and even though I bowed out of the journalism program in college, the need to know is still there. With all of the conflict in the Middle East, I cannot take my eyes off of the TV. It also doesn't help that I tend to keep CNN or MSNBC on in the background while I work. It's these big stories that make me want to get back into journalism in some fashion, but that's unlikely to happen. So all this passion for news is and will continue to be a distraction. It's so easy to turn off the television, but it's nearly impossible to not open a new tab in Firefox to stay informed.

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