Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sittin' In A Blizzard

Well, if there was anything that would make a writer sit at their desk and write, it would be blizzard conditions. Luckily, it's only impeding travel and not cutting the power or anything [update: intermittent Internet... just enough to be annoying]. I have been working on the normal, everyday writing stuff. My plan is to get that out of the way so this afternoon I can get back to poetry or short story submissions that I have been pushing aside for a number of reasons that really aren't good enough.

I have also been going through my Writer's Market (which is the 2012 versions, so technically it's obsolete) and marking the listings for potential agents, publishers and all the other listings it includes. Am I ready for agent queries? No, definitely not. But I'm trying to put all of the information together early so that I can be prepared when I am ready. That, and I'm having to do a little detective work to find literary agents that will take on a poet. Not many want to mess with poetry because it is such a low paying market.


K R Smith said...

No blizzard here, but a bit of sleet and snow has covered everything.

I, too, have a short story to finish (I have about 12 days before the deadline), but I probably won't get to it today.

Hope your Internet connection holds up!

Terri Deno said...

Yeah, it was a little spotty for about an hour, but then all was well with the connection.