Monday, January 21, 2013

Reflection and Encouragement

I think today, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as well as the inauguration, is a great time for reflection. That reflection can be personal, regional or a reflection on our country as a whole. I hope others are enjoying this day as much as I am. Although I didn't stop working, I did have the television on. For a news junkie like me, this wall-to-wall coverage was a pleasant distraction during my breaks from work. However, it is a little frustrating when I tried to get others to see that this was interesting and important and they didn't think so. Oh well. I know history in the making when I see it. :)

Encouragement was also part of this day. When you're little, you have no idea how your life will turn out. To know that there's always a chance for success makes you want to push away all of your fears and dive head first into the unknown. While tomorrow I may feel different, today I have that surge of confidence everyone should have when they see happy events like this.

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