Monday, January 28, 2013

Taxes, Payments and Everything I Don't Want to Deal With

Taxes are frustrating. Not necessarily having to pay them, but forgetting to submit a new W-9 every time I change my address (which is a lot). But the clever people at the website I rely on for a majority of my income decided not to remind me to change my W-9 until last week. That's all well and good. I'll send you a new one. However, because I was such a bad little writer my payments are being suspended until they receive it. Um... this W-9 is for last year's earnings, not this year. Why suspend 2013 payment? Really. Luckily it's happening during the 10 days I don't have to see bills in my mailbox, but still... it's really annoying when this could have been taken care of months ago.

I don't know what is up with Triond either. This is the place that many of my articles are published, but for now I'm suspending submitting any articles to the website, as well as any promotion I was doing. The reason? A significant drop of earnings (the dreaded CPM) and no explanation. I didn't become aware of it until this last week when I finally published two articles that got hundreds of hits without much promotion and noticed that I didn't start making a penny until the hit count was over 125. Now, six months ago I would have earned a penny starting at 15 hits.

I know we're simply talking pennies here, and I'm not making much more than $0.50 a month, but for the last two months my normal amount of hits hasn't even reached the $0.50 payout. I'm not even sure that anyone got paid in January, though because I didn't meet the payout requirements I knew I wouldn't get paid. The problem I have is that there is no explanation from the management of the site. In the help section, these questions are being asked by others, but either being ignored or deleted.

If the CPM doesn't at least raise back up to where it was before, I may have no other choice than to move my articles, stories and poetry somewhere else. And now that will be much more difficult because they have the dreaded "previously published" label which many other sites similar to the way Triond works will not take them. So, the new article listed at the bottom is officially my last submission to Triond until things look better or I find a site that will give me the the CPM price they promise.

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