Monday, February 11, 2013

Into the Thick of It

This weekend I started to look for residencies and fellowships for poetry and fiction. I want to be able to explore more of the country/world without having to sacrifice the writing part of my life in order to fund it. These residencies seem pretty cool... until I got down to the requirements. Some of the cooler ones had to fall by the wayside because I am not pursuing a graduate degree in creative writing, nor do I want to.

I did find some really cool ones that don't require GRE scores, a mound of transcripts and the dreaded letters of recommendation. I'm now spending what little time of each day I have left to fill out all the required applications, sample work, etc. Most of these programs have already chosen 2013 participants, so I have plenty of time for figuring it all out. However, there is one poetry fellowship I want to apply to that is due at the end of March and will be awarded in August. It's not a residency, but it does has a significant cash award. What's the harm in trying?After all, I've seem to found a little bit of confidence and pride in my work in the last few days. That's the biggest half of the battle.

Other than that, I'm steadily adding to the poetry and short story portfolio. I think March will be dedicated to revisions so I don't get too carried away with it all.

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