Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Call for Guest Bloggers!

I would like to let everyone know that this blog is officially looking for guest bloggers to contribute! Since the blog's main purpose is writing, I hope that there are a few writers out there that would love to talk about their own personal writing experiences, a writing topic they are an expert in or other writing-related topic that you can think of. However, I would like to also include anyone with a business remotely related to writing. If they want to write a guest blog post, I'm totally open for that. And this is a VERY loose interpretation of writing related. For example, you could own a coffee shop and write about the types of coffee writers love, the weirdest writer that's walked through the door, etc. As long as it's grammatically sound, I'll consider it.

What do you need to do to be featured on TSW? Well, all you need to do is send me the post along with your bio. Please feel free to include links to your website, blog, Twitter account, Facebook or any writing that you want to feature in your bio. You can also include a picture of yourself or a relevant picture that goes along with the post, but please make sure that you own the rights to the photo, otherwise I can't publish it with your post.

All guest posts will be published on Fridays. At least two tweets on my Twitter account (@TerriDeno) will also help to promote the post. Happy writing!

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