Monday, February 18, 2013

Pulling Strands from a Cloud

I feel behind this week on just about everything. And it's only Monday! I'm sure I'll get everything done on time, but I can't help the feeling that my head is stuck in a cloud right now. I have plenty of ideas to start writing, however, the laborious trip from the brain to the paper (or Word document) is continuing to frustrate me. A boulder on the trail--the writer's block is further down the road, I guess.

Of course my cloud imagery goes perfectly with my newest published article, although these two clouds are totally different subjects. I'm starting to post more on the Yahoo Contributor Network, though it isn't as easy as Triond was. But it pays a little more, so I guess the two week waiting period between submission and publication is worth it. 

New Articles:
Five Cloud Computing Trends in 2013

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