Monday, June 17, 2013

Where did you go?

It's a startling thing to wake up on a Monday morning and find a freelancing landscape drier than the Sahara. Usually, the work droughts come in around December and last until the middle of January. When it comes to freelance work, I don't want to have a Christmas in July special. No thanks. Bring the work back.

Hoping that this only lasts a couple of days, but whether its a couple of days or more, I do have the novel and its marketing to work on. At least I'm not sitting around with idle hands. I'm just not getting the instant gratification of payment. And of course, I'm still spending way more time than I need to playing around on my new phone. But, that can come in handy when I'm ready to launch some more of my advertising and other good stuff for the novel. 

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