Monday, December 16, 2013

Enjoying the Pre-Holiday Days

Christmas time is always a fun time. It can even put a smile on my face, occasionally. I'm just so glad that all the prep work is done. It really helps to start Christmas shopping in October, that's for sure. Everything is bought, wrapped, under the decorated tree and now I can sit back and write to my heart's content for the next eight days or so.

Revision may also be a big part of this next week because I know that I have way too many unfinished projects. The only goal I have for 2014 is to publish something--anything. Poetry, novels, shorts stories--all of these are up in the air. It's the job of revision to bring them all back down to earth. Since I'm still aiming toward the self publishing route, there is absolutely no reason to get stuck in that pre-launch phase any longer. Or get stuck living where I'm living any longer (okay, so I have two goals for 2014), but that's a problem for another day. Right now, I'm just enjoying being a writer--wherever that happens to take me.

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