Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: What I've Gained and What I've Lost

Facebook can give you your year in review with the highlights from the things you posted. A have to tell you, mine kinda sucked. Because I don't put every success and failure on my status updates (trust me, I would be unfriended with all the whining), there wasn't much to show for this year. In an effort to be a little more grateful for what I have, I've decided that the best way to do my year in review on this blog is to break it down in terms of what I have gained over the past twelve months and what I have lost.

What I've Lost in 2013
*The will to work for pennies. Clients looking for a masterpiece written for just $5 will have to find another sucker.

*Inhibitions about sharing my writing with people I know. While I've always been glad to share my work with strangers, it's another thing to be vulnerable enough to hand it over to friends. Family--I'm still working on the courage to get to that point.

*The idea that dreams fade. These dreams I keep in my pocket aren't fading away--they are just evolving to fit into my life the way it is rather than the way I want it to be.

*10 pounds. Hey, losing isn't always a bad thing. ;-)

What I've Gained in 2013
*Perspective on my career. I can't possibly keep my head down and quiet, yet still find success.

*The will to try. Convincing me to do something out of the ordinary isn't my strongest suit. But I've definitely been trying to try more often.

*Knowledge that freelancing is not as easy as it used to be. I don't think that it was ever easy, but it has been more lucrative in the past. If I have to bow out to concentrate on my writing career, I'm okay with that.

*The vision to see that nothing is impossible--I just haven't found the right path yet.

After the year in review, the next logical step is to talk about all the New Year's resolutions I want to make. Most resolutions are pointless because by Valentine's Day you have given up, and who needs the double disappointment of eating chocolate alone in your room and knowing that you have failed? Okay, so I'm assuming everyone spends that holiday celebrating the same way I do... Anyway, resolutions are not for me. I'm going to set some personal and professionals goals, but they are scaled to my current situation and completely attainable as long as I put in the work. Now if I could just get someone to pay me a salary for being my fabulous self, I would be all set for 2014. ;-)


K R Smith said...

This sounds like a pretty good breakdown with realistic expectations for the future. Best of luck with your efforts and Happy New Year!

Terri Deno said...

Thank you! I appreciate the support.