Monday, February 03, 2014

Still Working On It

The beginning of February brings with it another round of goals and milestones that I am aiming for. One of the biggest is completing the two first drafts I have sitting on my desktop. One is a couple of pages from the end, while the other one is about right in the middle of the original outline. I would love to finish both of these by the end of this very short month so I can spend the spring in revision.

I'm also looking forward to submitting work to more journals, magazines and other places accepting work. Once I get a few rejection letters, I tend to get lax on sending more out. But not this month. I have found at least a dozen that I would want to submit to and a good majority of the deadlines are March 1, so I really need to get going on choosing the right pieces for the right publication.

I'm also still looking for more freelancing work. This isn't really a deadline-type goal, but it's good to always keep it as a top priority on the list since that's what pays the bills. Unfortunately, those bills have gotten in the way of concentrating only on obtaining only work that provides a fair wage. I've dipped my toes back into the water of seedy little content mills, but they are only quick dips. I don't want to make them my life again because no matter how good they may seem for quick and easy work, they don't pay well and tend to dry up just when I get on a roll.

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