Monday, June 30, 2014

Heading Back to Camp

I love that NanoWriMo holds camp twice a year--that means I get to fully immerse myself in one of my ideas for yet another month. This time, my cabin mates are all from or have been published in Luna Station Quarterly. In July I will be working on something that I have yet to attempt. I still can't really pinpoint what genre it would be. It's about a fictional island in the Pacific. Although our current world exists in this world, they know little of it.

That's very vague, I know. But until I get working on it, I'm not sure I can reveal much more.

I've also got to get back on the revision bandwagon. I really want to get last November's project to the submission phase, whether that's another self-published title or (hopefully) published through a great indie publisher that seems to fit with what I'm working on. July will be a busy month writing away.And I'm going to love it. ;-)

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