Monday, July 14, 2014

The Revision Monster is Hiding Under my Desk

This time around, Camp NaNoWriMo is going well for me. I'm still behind on my daily word count (who isn't?), but there's a clear path to winning this time. That is, if the Revision Monster would just get off my back.

I can forgive a few misspellings here and there. While the squiggly red line draws my eyes in to previous paragraphs, I can resist the urge to correct. A  misplaced comma? No sweat. That can be taken care of easily in August. It's so garishly out of place I wouldn't miss it during the first round of revision. A half written novel without a title? No problem--I'm notorious bad at getting just the right title for the novel (if I don't start out with one). But what I'm fighting this monster on now is very hard to resist.

I'm writing out of my comfort zone, so the majority of the novel takes place on a fictional island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Do you want to know what that island is called?

Yeah, me too.

And so does my Revision Monster.

I am having such as hard time resisting the urge to waste hours--maybe days--on finding just the right name for the island. It creeps up every time I open my novel to write some more. "The island need a name," that little bugger calls out to me. Every single time. I may not be able to shake it until I come up with a name. But forge through I must so that I can get 25,000 words before the end of July.

Revision Monster--you won't win this time.

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