Monday, September 29, 2014

Productivity is in the Eye of the Beholder

I've been quiet for a few weeks on this blog, and online in general. I've been trying to pull things together behind the scenes. This included taking projects to the next level and working on a variety of other tasks that aren't necessarily newsworthy, but are small steps to propel me forward in life. All a bunch of boring stuff, really.

The one thing that I am excited about is that NaNoWriMo isn't that far away. Just last week I wasn't sure I would participate this year. To be totally honest, last week I thought I would never write another word again. I was in a bit of a mood due to a range of people suddenly deciding to think that I only work for 10 minutes a day rather than 8-10 hours--and that this was the reason why I'm stuck and dreaming out of my league. Productivity, especially in writing, does not always have a lot of tangible results in the middle of the process. I'm making it my personal mission to get that through some thick skulls.

But thankfully over the weekend I had a very vivid dream that seemed to have such a good plot line I decided to use it for this year's competition. As with any other year, I'm hoping to win. I think I have a shot this year because once again, the plot falls deep into the category of chick lit. It's just something that's really fun to write and not super serious or has any highbrow meaning behind it.

I still have a month to go to get everything to fall in place--or as much as I can to get it the mindset for that lovely writing marathon.

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