Thursday, March 12, 2015

Setting the Words Free

I think by now most of my readers, friends and family know that I would like nothing more than to move to New York. That's where all the actual jobs are that I know I could do (and those that, you know, actually require someone with my type of degree), and that's where I'm convinced my creativity will flourish. It hasn't happened yet, but one day, right?

About three years ago I wrote this essay with all of the thoughts I had about why I wanted to move there and why it is such a non-negotiable for me (there's my self-help vocabulary getting put to good use!). For some reason, I've kept this hidden away with more protection than I have ever kept a piece of writing. Although all of these thoughts are things I would love to shout to the world, this felt like a very vulnerable piece to put out. The picture that keeps coming back in my head is the image of a teacher swiping a note from a student and threatening to read it out loud. Not that something like that ever happened to me... Okay, maybe once. But the teacher would have been wrong. The subject of the note was the boy that my friend liked, not me. Anyway...

So here's the essay in all of its glory. I put it on Biosgraphy first because it seemed like the right type of atmosphere for it. That, and it is a smaller community of writers to test it out first. But now I'm ready to let the world see it. It's not spectacular by any means, but it is how I feel. And yes, it is a bit dated. Example: I do know that the Chelsea Hotel is closed now.

I'm doing my best to maintain my personal relationships with people in spite of the fact that they don't think I can make it--or ever should. Since most of the support for this dream comes from my online friends and complete strangers, it's only fair to provide you all the reasons why I dream the way I do. So there it is.

**The Biosgraphy website is finicky at best, so if you aren't able to see it after a few refreshes, let me know and I'll post it here.


K R Smith said...

Here's a writing job in the Bronx - They call it a Health System Specialist, but they gather stories and publish them.

It's not the ideal job, but it might give you a start in NY.

Part of the job:

* Works closely with interview notes and audio recording to create a first-person narrative that is based on the interview and true to the voice of the veteran;
* Makes editorial, organizational and stylistic choices as appropriate to create a 1-2 page story that will appeal to multiple audiences;
* Reviews written stories with veterans and incorporates veteran changes as needed until the veteran gives approval;

You have to apply by 3/17/15... That's not much time if you've ever seen a Federal application!

K R Smith said...

Darn - I just saw it needed Federal experience in Health Care - Sorry about that. I thought I had something that might work. I apologize...

Terri Deno said...

Oh, that's okay. I actually found a position that's absolutely perfect for me... I just have to a)get the application in and b)hope they don't notice my address. Fingers crossed. :)

K R Smith said...

Good luck!

I'll cross my fingers, too!

Terri Deno said...