Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Secret Project Revealed: Are You Ready for a Little ❤ Romance ❤?

I can finally reveal the secret project I've been working on for the past month. I wrote a novella for Kindle Worlds. My contribution is Melody of Love and it belongs to The Callaways World based on the romance series by Barbara Freethy.

You don't have to have read The Callaways series to enjoy my novella--though if you like a little suspense with your romance, I definitely recommend reading them. All you have to know is this: Sean Callaway is a musician and owns Ashbury Studios. The ground floor is a music studio, and the top floor is a dance studio where the love of his life Jessica runs the dance studio. And that's where my novella takes place.

The process frayed a few of my nerves, but it's finally completed. I'm so excited that it was published tonight, because if it was kicked back to me again for some tiny little oversight I was about ready to give up. I actually had a pretty good rant about Kindle Worlds ready to go if I didn't end up publishing it... but it's best if we forget all that and just celebrate another completed project.

And a little heads up: I wasn't sure this would be published today, so I scheduled the ebook version of Unfolding Life to be available for free tomorrow. Sorry in advance for all of the promo social media posts for both books coming up. 😉


K R Smith said...


I'm learning things all the time - I didn't even know about Kindle Worlds.

I have July reserved for "Melody of Love" to be the "book of the month" on my blog. (Just put up Lizzie Koch's new book for June). Seems everyone has a new story out but me! I must find time to write!

And, of course, I'll help spread the word about your new title via Twitter and G+.

Terri Deno said...

Yeah -- I didn't discover Kindle Worlds until a month ago, then found out that the series I was reading was included. Serendipity, I guess!

And as always, thanks so much for your support!