Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The rain that is coming down would be WONDERFUL if I hadn't been so unprepared for it yesterday. I don't believe in using umbrellas-- it's just too much of a hassle when so many others with umbrellas are trying to pass you. Usually, I wear a hat and a jacket. Well, yesterday was 80 something so when I left for school, I didn't have a hat OR a jacket. And it was a big mistake. I had to sit through two classes with my clothes dripping wet. And that was after I had tried to dry myself off. I was so cold by the end of the day it felt like winter to me. I never get cold. And watch, today I'll be prepared for rain and that's when it will stop completely. It needs to anyway-- places are flooding and it's causing stress on everyone. But don't get me wrong-- on the right day, at the right time, I still adore walking and laughing and getting caught in the rain (but no, I do NOT like pina coladas!).

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