Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I have always took the advice that you should apply to more than one job at a time because it gets a faster return . Maybe I shouldn't have taken that advice. I'm a little swamped with work now, from articles about Norwegian car hires to natural remedies to quiz writing. Plus, I've been writing articles for Triond so that I can make a little more spare cash. And I've added another blog to my list of hobbies, but I'm not launching that until March and hopefully that one will generate a little cash. If not, I can always put a donation button on the sidebar (kidding! but people really do that... I've seen it).

I'm writing for pennies, and my fiction is suffering for the sake of rent for March. But, I did find out that my script was picked for the CEC project. That was really good news to have. Finally, something happening with something that I wrote! Now to get that darn fiction published...

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