Monday, May 19, 2008

I found the best motivation for my freelance career: PARENTS! Because the don't really want me here just as much as I don't want to be here, I tend to work twice as hard writing articles. I easily did 13 today in just a couple of hours. That means if I keep up that pace, I'll have enough money to move out in no time--hopefully. And yes, I'm still planning on moving to New York. If anyone knows any insider info about moving to the city, please share.

I watched Bones and House tonight!! They were both great, but a little disappointing. I didn't want Zack to be Gormagon's apprentice. But I think I would have been much worse off if it had been Hodgins. I really wanted it to be Sweets, but that was totally ruled out when they added him to the credits a couple of episodes ago.

And on House, I did hate Amber, but it was so sad to see Wilson cry. And now he's REALLY going to hate House.

Now all I need to know is if Zack is still going to be a character on the show or not... it will affect my script, though not so much that I'll get mad. Hmm... I don't really want to wait until September to try and finish it. Whatever. I'll figure something out.

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