Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Isn't it the middle of the week yet?

This week seems to be going by really slow. Maybe it's simply the fact that I know the last Bones of the season is on Thursday. I'm anticipating watching it, but after its over no more until the fall. And with the terrible way House ended this season, I figure Bones may arrive at the same fate. I learned early in my writing career that "it was all just a dream" is very bad way to end something. And hallucinations must be handled with care to work... and House's didn't.

The work front isn't much better. I'm in a serious rut and can't get out. That makes the weeks go by very slowly. I need to get back to fiction, otherwise I'll never be able to say that I love the work I do. Sure, I may love the convenience of making my own schedule and not having to actually be around other people, but the rest of those good old office politics still apply. And that's the only thing I'm trying to get away from... that and working eight hours in a row. I'm serious when I ask: How does anyone do that without going insane? I've maybe done it three times in my life and afterward I never wanted to go back to work again. I guess you really have to love your job and just loose track of time, right?

Oh, and I thought I might end this blog post with a little shameless promotion. I have a number of new ads in the right sidebar for you all to peruse, if you think something is interesting. I'm just promoting a promotion, so does that really qualify as shameless promotion? Hmmm. The things I think about!

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askcherlock said...

Nope, you can't give up. Who said writing fiction is so bad? It might help fill in the gap. You are a good writer so stay with it. When you least expect it, like most things in life, the ideas will come.