Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New to the mix...

... is the addition of a diet to my routine. I put on a pair of pants today and screamed. They don't really fit at the moment, and I know that it is because I have let the healthy eating slip away to convenient eating. My first step at the end of last week (before I ever tried on said pair of pants) was to rid the refrigerator of all sugary, carbonated beverages. I have done that with success and relatively few caffeine headaches.

But getting into work instead of an afternoon snack is still a feat for me. I grew up in a house where food was sometimes used as a reward. I think that's what's messing me up. If I do extra articles, I automatically think I deserve an extra snack at the end of the day. Well, this habit will be broken if I have to stock yucky rice cakes instead of the good stuff. I'm going to try and reward myself for a good day's work with something else. Books, maybe? I just know that it cannot be food anymore. I'm going to turn healthy into a habit this time, even if it kills me.

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