Thursday, December 02, 2010

If It's December...

...then I must be feeling pretty rotten about myself. Usually happens around this time of year. All of my friends, family, and such seem to be dining at the world's fanciest dinner party. I'm out by the dumpster looking for table scraps to fulfill even a part of my life that's missing. The only problem is I'm still not quite sure what's missing. I could list the obvious (such as any sort of normal human interaction)--but that can't be the only thing missing, right?

My feelings about my situation are probably being a little exaggerated. I watched the HBO movie Grey Gardens the other day and I am probably the most fearful of ending up a person who could leave a situation any time they wanted, but they just couldn't get themselves to do it. But it wouldn't be the exact same with me anyway, since I really don't like cats and no matter how hard I try, I can't see myself becoming a hoarder.

And while I have been taught that money is not important, I've become consumed with making every little penny and that has caused me to recently tweet some strange ads, including coupons for tampons. While relevant to women's lives, not so informative for someone that wants to read about writing. It makes me laugh sometimes at the ridiculousness of my life. Let's hope for more sanity in 2011. :)

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