Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Moving Adventure and a Short Respite

The moving is 95% complete. I still have a few boxes and a bicycle lingering at the old house, but as far as all the big stuff the work is done. Of course, that was no thanks to the U-Haul I rented and never appeared (and still waiting for the $50 compensation that U-Haul promises when equipment rented is not available, but that's another story). It was a whole mess, but as I told my parents, we are from hearty stock so we got the job done despite of that setback.

Now it's the time for big action. I've already made the big decisions, and this time I know not to let anyone talk me out of them. Actually, the people who used to talk me out of them are now being strangely encouraging. Maybe they're tired of me hanging around? Anyway, I'm not letting myself get comfortable in the new place--it's not my home. It's just a temporary stop before I go to New York.

Yes, I'm still on that NYC kick, but it's no longer just a kick. It is turning into a realistic goal. It's more of a need. Imagine the one thing you've wanted since you were five years old. By the time you are an adult, you've either forgotten about it or have already been able to get it. Well, I'm not the type to forget anything and this is my time to get it. That's where I want to live. That's where I want to be creative and jump into everything head-first.

There are still a few problems to iron out, like the fact I don't really have to money to live there if I don't get the job as soon as I hop off the train/plane/bus. I also need to stick around the Midwest a little while longer to purge a good majority of my belongings. Having spent most of my adult life in two bedroom apartments, I've collected a lot of stuff. At the moment, it's taking up too much space in my parents' new home. I don't want to leave them with that mess, but I also know there's too much money in it all to just give it away either. A mix of eBay auctions and garage sales will probably take care of most of it (I hope).

That should get me pretty close to where I want to be. If I'm in New York by Christmas, I'll consider myself a very lucky girl.

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