Monday, April 27, 2015

If Amazon Didn't Love Me Before, They Do Now

I finally did it--two weeks ago I actually bought two ebooks. I know that I've said before I have so many free ebooks on my Kindle that I probably have the equivalent of a 5-year reading list, but I thought that it was important to start supporting authors whenever I can. Well, at least when I have a gift card laying around...

The two books I purchased were John Lennon: The Life by Phillip Norman and Last Train to Istanbul by Ayse Kulin. Clearly these titles do not belong to indie authors, but indie authors are the ones that offer their books for free, so the support for my indie peeps is still there.

I purchased the first book because it was just $1.99 and I discovered the deal through BookBub (proof that BookBub works--they actually enticed me to pay for an ebook). I'm also a full-on geek about the Beatles, so it was an obvious choice. You'd think I would have learned everything from the dozen or so Beatles-related books already on my bookshelf, but this book has went above and beyond my current knowledge, and I'm only 11% into the thing.

And that brings me to the other reason I really bought this ebook: I've looked at the hardcover copy at a bookstore before, and this is an 800+ page tome. For less that two bucks I saved myself months of neck and wrist pain from trying to read the physical copy. Totally worth it just for that!

I haven't started reading Last Train to Istanbul, but Amazon caught me just at the right time with this one. It was the next morning after I purchased The Life and it was a recommendation in one of my many daily Amazon emails. At just $2, I checked out the synopsis and decided that I had to get it--after all, the next biggest thing I geek out about besides the Beatles is a good WWII tale. I have to get a few other titles read first, but I can't wait to dig into this one.

What was the first ebook you spent money on? 

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