Tuesday, October 06, 2015

October's To-Dos and Shameless Promotions

The first full week in October and I started out kind of slow. I really needed a nap yesterday, but I persisted through sleepy eyelids to keep everything on track. My writing calendar is a more than a little full. This month I will:

  • launch a book
  • revise my project for Kindle Scout
  • outline my 2015 NaNoWriMo project 
  • write, revise and release a novella by the end of the month

I'm glad I didn't throw any short stories or poetry in there. Those projects are still waiting patiently for their turns.

I've also launched my Fiverr gig for anyone who wants a little help promoting their books. I'm running a book spotlight on Book Review Bin and I hope you find this affordable advertising within your marketing budget. I put up one of my books to provide a sample of what the spotlights will look like.

And since I'm in promo mode, don't forget that the ebook of Seeing What Develops is available for pre-order now until the 15th. The print version should be available from Amazon and Createspace by the 15th.

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