Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I went with a friend to see Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story last night. Let me just say first that I haven't been to a movie theater in almost three years, so that automatically gives the experience much more to me than it does to everyone else... but, the movie was amazing! Funniest things I've seen all year (all year? ha ha). Though my friend wasn't ready for the breif male nudity we both had a great time. The Apatow Group, apparently as it's known now, turns out great movies. I'll admit I probably haven't seen more than two of them, but the ones I did see deserve praise.

I downloaded two new podcasts last night. I think that brings my total podcast count up to nine podecsts, with 169 episodes unseen, and about 61 new ones downloading. I think I've gone a little podcast crazy. BUT, as I said before my "cable" company screwed me out of CNN, so a podcast is the only way I can watch AC 360. I also like to sleep in now so it is vital that I get the Today Show podcast. The Nightly News podcast I could do without just because I catch it on TV most nights, but sometimes the "cable" searches for its satellite signal and I can't get the station it's on.

But the new ones: VintageToons and Scrubs. Now I'm a little upset: Scrubs isn't downloading. There's a problem. But once I get it, I'll be happy. And you know how much I love to rant and rave about old cartoons being morally high and mighty while still retaining racist and ethnic stereotypes. Ah, the good old days.

I promise my blogs won't always be this boring. I'm just getting a slow start on 2008 and haven't prepared myself enough to blog daily, like I'm trying. And no--it's not a resolution to blog daily. It's a goal. There's a difference.

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